“The Future of Living Here and Out There / The Start of Galactic Living.”

Tesla, SpaceX, ICON (3D Home Printing), DOGE or Crypto Currency, ListenAnObserve Entertainment

Hey Elon, Can Tesla/SpaceX Make This Happen?? Follow >> www.Tesla.com / www.SpaceX.com

Can “Doge or Crypto Currency” go Galactic?? Follow >> www.Dogecoin.com

Will Fast and Easy 3D Printed Planetary Home Bases Be Built with “ICON”??

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Will “ListenAnObserve Entertainment” Be the First to Broadcast from Earth and Be Played on Another Planet?? Follow >> www.ListenanobserveEntertainmentLLC.com

Kinetic Art Generators for Homes Is a Genius Idea!!!

If Art Kinetic Generators Could Supply Electricity!! Follow >> https://fb.watch/5LrpIpz5dI/

Why not also create home devices that look nice and function to power a section of a home by a simple tap and will last for hours or days depending on configurations!! I have many ideas that we humans can incorporate into better living and cutting financial costs!! Another idea being (Magnets!), We should use MLS = “Magnet Light Switches” that only need a tap of the human hand to start and yet again help power the room!! Example/Follow >> https://youtu.be/-sqLr3o_0F4 Have some sort of Tesla created battery pack or (box) to store the homes power which is also linked to solar panels from outside This would require some sort of energy limiter and distributor and be able to properly gauge all input and output of all the currents from each room. We would have there be a possible program for monitoring each section of the home therefore if any problem my raise have the ability to shut down power in that section and fix issues, then restart for maintenance and preventative care.) Home should be built in collaboration with “ICON” 3D Home Printing Company, Tesla, SpaceX, Doge Community, and ListenAnObserve Entertainment, “As Founder of ListenAnObserve Entertainment and writer of this Article” I would gladly help make this happen.

(For those who like to have options)

Options Between 1-3 Types of home and services I’d assume people would want or at least to know about:

1. Manual 1 push start up functions {Buyer Liability Owner Is Responsible}

2. Fully automatic No physical touch necessary {Company Services}

3. Full Package black box security {Company 24hr Customer Service/ Fully auto & Manual Combo} (You know the “Blackbox” used on planes just in case they crash with all the information of the flight to see what went wrong?? Using something similar to that only much better!!!)

Here are somethings to consider Pro&Con:


> Free Energy.

> One Time Buy.

> Preparing to build on other planets.

> This Tech will help create and open more Jobs.

> New Strong Futuristic Styles and Architecture.

> Smart System Built into the Home (Like Having your own Jarvis)


> Fire Hazards.

> Maybe a costly purchase.

> Effects Companies like Xcel Energy.




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