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A Little About The Artist.

When I was a kid, I had a dream of becoming a music producer and wanting to start a school of "Music and Arts" for people and kids to help them bring out their creativity. For years I was at a standstill till I got the confidence and knowledge to act on my dream. Growing up and going through thick and thin didn't help but that doesn't make it impossible to achieve, it just means I had to try a little harder and the end result will seem that much greater. I was working for a restaurant that didn't pay well for 8 1/2 years then I finally decided to quit, I wasn't getting the raise I needed and wasn't happy doing something I didn't enjoy, so I saved up the last years checks "all of them" and started up my own business and that's when I took action to do what I love. I'm passionate for helping others through music and arts so I started up "ListenAnObserve Entertainment" the same plan I had since I was 12yrs old. Once I started putting pen to paper or thoughts to keyboard or computer I was able to have a origin story, a start a new beginning and everyone needs one, once I gave myself the push I needed I saw the results I've wanted I now crave more so I created the website and put myself to work pouring most of my time and effort in to Beat Production, Photography and Lyricism and modifying the page to look at its prime. Money has all been an issue for most but through time and experience I learned to manage it and make money work for me instead of always trying to work for it.

This is my story and it's still being written...

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